Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quack Quack….Perdido….Perdido!

Tuesday March 20, 2012

Bill and Jeanette left yesterday morning on their way back to B.C.  Great people and we have enjoyed having them for neighbors over the winter.  Bill always has a twinkle in his eye and his dry wit keeps you guessing!  Jeanette has been an avid card player this winter so her seat at the table will be empty and she will be missed.  Bien Viaje …good trip!  You might remember them from my Oli Bolen blog at Christmas when they were passing out their Dutch treat to people in the park. 

We continued on with rig washing yesterday and it is like a virus.  Pretty soon Sam was washing his roof and next it was Hal!  The time of year when people start to clean things up before they head home.  Lots of salt air and moldy grunge on things.    Eric continued the cleaning by washing the metal bits and it will save him time when we get home.  I might add that the rig looks really great and the wax job that Eric did at home this year really helped.  He likes to do it himself so he can check for anything that needs to be attended to.  Loose screws, cracks in caulking etc. 

While he was doing that I baked a plum cake and started a pot of spaghetti sauce in the Crockpot.  Nice to have something started for dinner ahead of time.  As I make things I try to look up the Spanish word for  so I can expand my puny vocabulary.  At Fat Fish I remembered tendedor (fork) but couldn’t remember cuchillo (knife) and cucharo (spoon)….now I do!  The word for plum turns out to be ciruela (like blue) so it even makes some sense.  I make my grocery list in Spanish so that helps me remember the names of food which is hugely helpful if you are looking for something.  My poor old brain is so full it’s hard to cram more in!

And now for Quack Quack.  Well I took a late walk on the beach and ran into Dennis and Marilyn who were heading towards me up the beach home.  They pointed out a duck sitting on the beach just ahead of us that had been there for some time.  When I got close I realized it was a domestic female Pekin type duck.  She quacked at me and was quite friendly and obviously confused by her situation.  Everyone stopped to have a look at her but it is a mystery as to how she got there and she wasn’t hurt but since domestic ducks can’t fly she must have walked.   I walked up the beach a bit and then thought “Oh what the heck I’ll pack her up to the lagoona by the Riu and she can swim there.”  So back I went…had a little talk with her…grabbed her by her neck…put her under my arm and off we went.  Some people gave me strange looks….some people asked if it was my duck…and some people said” Oh good because they didn’t know what to do.”  I told the little Mexican children on the beach she was “Perdido….lost.”  Along the way…maybe about a 2km. walk I had to defend her from a dog who wanted to get her when she set off an alarm… quack, quack, quack when she saw it.  Poor owners had a heck of a time catching their dog. 

I put her into the backwash by the Riu which a Mexican told me is salt but is probably part fresh as there is a bird sanctuary across the street in a lagoon.  She was happily swimming when I left and perhaps if she is lucky she will survive.  I’ll walk down and check today but if her ending is bad….I won’t tell you!  Life is not Walt Disney in Mexico or anywhere else. 

I’m off for lunch and some shopping downtown this afternoon so that should be fun.

P.S.  When I walked this afternoon I noted the water temperature has warmed up!  Maybe Eric can get in a swim or two before we leave. 

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