Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This and that!

Wednesday February 22, 2012

Monday was a day for me to bake cookies for my poor starving husband.  While I was doing that Emma the Chile Relleno lady showed up to take orders.  She usually comes on Thursday but ….this is Mexico so you just never know.  She also usually takes orders one day and delivers them the next but today it was “hoy”….today.  Okey dokey then.  I ordered three and they would be delivered at 4pm Los de Marcos time or 3pm our time (Mazatlan.) 


The Chile’s are in the big roaster and Emma dishes them out.  Her little grand daughter was unhappy to I gave her a cookie to cheer her up.  !It worked

While I was baking Eric decided to go out for a short ride north on the highway.  When he got just south of the main turn into Rincon he decided to cross the traffic and go into the Pemex on the other side so he could head back south.  As he was heading south he noticed flashing lights behind him and he was stopped by the Transito Police.  He was informed that he couldn’t turn left across the traffic and they wanted his driver’s license because they were going to give him a ticket.  He gave them a photocopy of the driver’s license and asked them where he should go to pay the ticket.  They knew it was a copy and told him he would have to go to La Penita to pay it.  The transito in the car who was the boss was consulted by the transito holding the copy of the license and after a short consultation they decided to just give  him a warning.  The transito in the car was very unhappy that he didn’t have Eric’s real license to hold since it didn’t matter if they kept the copy and Eric thinks they decided that they had nothing to bargain with.  They gave Eric back the copy and he continued on. 

Tuesday was a beautiful beach day and I spent the day reading, swimming and walking.  I must admit swimming here freaks me out a bit because the fish are always nibbling on your legs.  They aren’t harmful but they sure are creepy!  Eric had a down day relaxing and gathering energy for fishing.  Later that day we walked the beach and he took his small rod and fished as we walked along.  At the north end of the beach he caught a “poco pescado.”  A tiny Jack Cravelle that he released.  Everyone is always interested when you return to the park to see if you caught the big one!  Not this time. 

Today I was once again out on the beach in the afternoon reading and enjoying the quiet that is not available in the park.  So relaxing.  Eric showed up late in the afternoon with “Big Johnson” his really big rod.  Now, now ….I’m talking about his fishing rod….what else could I possibly mean!   This is a ten foot salmon rod with reel that our daughter Erika and husband Wade gave him for father’s day a couple of years ago.  Another walk along the beach casting up and down and “nada.”  Eric did notice at the north end of the beach that there were nets strung parallel to the beach attached to floating plastic fuel cans and he could almost cast right out to them. Not much chance of a fish getting through that!  So….no fish. 

P.S. All my posts are late because today is Saturday and the internet has been down for days.  Came back up yesterday but the park owner neglected to inform everyone that we all needed new passwords….go figure!

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