Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunsets and swimming.

Friday February 10, 2012

The weather has clouded up a little bit lately so beach time has not been as warm as usual.  The couple at the beach end of the park (Eric & Gail from Wisconsin) are always in the water with their dog, Wilson either on boogie boards or on sea kayaks.  We ran into Eric and Wilson in Las Jaibas the first year we were in Mazatlan but I don’t think he remembers.  Wilson wears a life jacket and spends his time in the water or trying to get someone to throw a ball, a stick or coconut or whatever!  He bounces around on four legs barking and barking until you tell him to shove off or his owner Gail comes to retrieve him.  If the owners are out with kayaks he wants to ride too!


Wilson is just one of the guys out surfing!


Gail trying to get Wilson settled on the sea kayak.


Wilson sits like a rock when he is on the sea kayak but I have seen him flip Gail when he tried to get on and she wasn’t looking!


The shrimp boats were around last week and this one was from Mazatlan.


Looking toward the north end of the beach.


Cloudy day looking south toward the good swimming end of the beach.


Pretty Sunset!  Just like the name of the RV park up the road.


Lots of different birds here.  This one is a Kiskadee Flycatcher (No…I’m not an ornithologist ….I looked it up in my bird book!_ 

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