Sunday, February 26, 2012

A quiet day!

Sunday February 26, 2012

It was an early morning for us today as Sharon and the rigs travelling with her were leaving.  There was a huge crowd of people up early to say goodbye and wish her well.  She is a very nice lady and the park has been extremely generous in their support for her which she has appreciated very much.   You can’t beat an RV park for generosity when someone is in need.  Bye bye Sharon… travels. 

I managed to get two weeks wash done this morning but I had to be fast to get in before someone else.  Three machines, but only two that are easy to use.  The third one needs to be started with a coat hanger!  I got everything out on the line to dry and while doing so had a nice chat with Chris and Tony from Colorado.  Eric has chatted with them before but I haven’t.  They have a BMW that they ride at home so they were quite interested in our travels here on the Harley.  I said it had been a huge learning curve because of the crazy traffic but that we were really enjoying it.  They seem like interesting people and they had a laugh at our Punta de Mita lunch extravaganza. 

I had to pick one line of wash up off the ground when it broke but it wasn’t too covered in grass seed.  The lines are nylon twine and the sun has already deteriorated them. 

Tomorrow we will take a ride up the Valle de Banderas and have a quick look at an RV park that is up the valley.  Eric has scoped it out and it looks like a nice ride.

A nice walk on the beach and a good day.

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