Friday, February 24, 2012

A quiet day and a noisy night!

Friday, February 24,  2011

Sharon from next door popped over this morning to ask if I’d mind going with her into La Penita to pick up some medical papers.  Brian (her husband) has been having ongoing health problems since they arrived in Mexico this year and last week it all went bad.  He is diabetic and they had been dealing with a foot infection that they had been unable to clear up.  In the end he ended up in hospital in Puerto Vallarta and has now flown home to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  His immediate problems have been taken care of and he is stable.  Sharon has stayed in Mexico and will travel back to the states with two other rigs from B.C. and then will head home.  One of her daughters is flying to Phoenix to travel home with her.  Luckily Sharon is used to driving their truck and 5th wheel but it will still be a huge journey for her.  A really nice lady that I could easily have spent time with over a winter. 

So, a quick trip into La Penita and it was nice for me as I’ve never been into this town.  Eric was worried about cobblestones for the bike but it turns out the main street is actually interlock pavers so it wouldn’t be a problem.  Thursday is the huge open market day there so it would be hugely busy but today….not so bad.  Sharon walked me around and we had a quick look at the main part of the town.  Sharon got some of the papers she needed and we then headed home.  A nice town that warrants another look, clean with lots of shops. 



Main street of La Penita de Jaltemba. 

Spent the rest of the day doing minor clean up,  walking the beach and just relaxing. 

I thought we might get a quiet evening but it was not to be!  The park had an appetizer party on the palapa with people from other parks attending.  Loud but as we are close to the palapa that is what you would expect.

Now for the good part.  As it started to get dark we saw the park owner lugging a large T.V. up to the palapa and we knew something was up.  Well…it turns out that some of the ladies had decided that they should watch “Mama Mia” the movie so they could sing a long with it!  Most of the people had disappeared after the appetizers by the time the movie was in full swing but that didn’t stop them.  “Top volume” for “108 minutes!” with lots of singing, drinking and laughing going on.  I’m sure they had fun but I wonder how much fun the rest of the people in the park had…not to mention the people in the park next door.  The palapa is on the second story of the wash house  up high and the sound really carries.  We closed our doors and turned up our music inside the rig but couldn’t really drown it out.  After dinner we watched T.V. with headphones on and that sort of drowned it out.  Now if you think this is all normal behavior from mannerly adults then ….good for you!  And no, I didn’t want to join in…I’ve seen it!

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