Saturday, February 11, 2012

It’s raining!

Saturday Feb. 11, 2012

The weather is socked in at the moment and looks like it will be quite unsettled over the next week or so.  It is raining and windy.  A tent just down the way just collapsed!  Our awning is rolled in!

The park has been very busy over the past week but we haven’t joined in.  It all seems a bit overwhelming to us. 

Thursday was the fish fry and music night which we passed on.  I thought we’d go but it turned out we didn’t so I sent a plate of my Angel Bars (hugely fattening so very delicious) with Sharon and Brian.  

We took a ride down to Chacala.  Eric had been in there by himself when we were here at the beginning of January and this time I went as well.  A very picturesque village on a hillside overlooking a small bay with a marina.  It was relatively undiscovered until a developer and the state put in a paved road in the mid 1990’s and now of course it is a tourist destination. 




The map and pictures are off the Wikipedia Web site as I neglected to bring my camera with me!  We left the bike at the top of the hill and walked down into town to have a look around.  Lots of rooms for rent, lots of places to eat and a nice swimming beach.  Too bad there isn’t an RV park because it sure would be a nice place to stay.  We’ll come back again with bathing suits and spend the day. 

When we got back the fish fry was in full swing up on the top of the palapa right next to us.  We had a couple of beers and when the singing  started we headed down town for dinner. 

Saul (of the vegetable truck) had been into the park earlier in the day and he was happy to see that we were in town.  I had been buying vegetables from his son since we arrived but this was the first time he had been here since we arrived.


That is a picture of Saul’s truck out our slide window with his son driving.


That is Saul parked in front of the owner Juan Jose’s house.  Hard to imagine he doesn’t loose the load every time he starts up!

I told Saul we’d be down to his restaurant for dinner and that is where we headed.  His wife Vivi (Bibi in Spanish) is a great cook and we have eaten there many times in the past which is why he knows us so well!  Eric had Chile relleno (stuffed poblano Chiles) and I had shrimp empanezado or breaded shrimp.  Vivi always gives you a bowl of her soup to stave off your hunger pangs along with good salsa and chips.  My dinner was excellent but Eric did remark that the Chile rellenos that he had from the lady who sold them in the park were perhaps a bit better!  A good dinner and a nice walk back to the park.  This time I was well covered up and sprayed with insect repellant so I didn’t get eaten alive.  Croft and Norma who are up in the Cancun area have been having a bug fest up where they are and Norma has been really chewed up.  Ruins your day and night. 

When we got back to the park all was quiet! 

Yesterday, Friday was the day the bread truck comes and I bought some really nice croissants and a big loaf of home made white bread for Eric.  Last week he bought whole wheat but it was so heavy he couldn’t get it to toast.  Vivi was here with the vegetable truck at the same time so we had a big hello as well.  Saul and his wife Vivi put in really long hours when the tourists are here for the winter and it is when most of the locals make the bulk of their money for the year.  Saul does tour the streets as well selling vegetables to the locals as well stopping wherever someone needs something. 

Last night was a big fund raiser in town and they had the square all set up with tables with white table cloths.  The local children were singing and their mothers were providing food for the people who were attending.  You had to buy tickets to attend but we had forgotten that it was going to happen so we didn’t go.  It would seem that they got some rain so I hope it didn’t spoil everything.  It would have been a disaster if it was planned for today as it is really windy and pouring. 

A quiet day with a walk into town for beer, a swim for Eric in the rain (good surf) and a nice walk up the beach for me. 


Rainbow through the Guanacaste (or La Parota)tree that is presently leafless.


Wonder where the pot of gold is?



Sunset and rainbow….the end of another day!

P.S.  Just got an email from Merv and Monica Warner (friends from home in Terrace) who are at the Riu Vallarta Hotel by Nuevo Vallarta on holidays for a couple of weeks.  We will catch up with them and visit their hotel on Tuesday. 

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