Monday, February 13, 2012

Another look at Chacala

Monday February 13, 2012

The weather looked pretty good today so we decided to take another ride down to Chacala for lunch.  This time I brought my camera.


When we road into town we continued to the end of town and up and down the really rough cobblestone steep streets before parking in front of the square.  Every town has a square even if it’s a small one. 


Looking north up the beach.


South down the beach.  We always look a little dopey wandering around because we have pants and boots on when we ride.  No flip flops or shorts for us!


Main street!


Eric on main street.


There is Big Red parked in front of the restaurant next to the square.




This sailboat was tied up in the harbor.  While we were ordering lunch an American couple came in and sat at the next table.  We remarked that they looked tired and they said they’d just finished a hike up to the top of the volcano.  They asked where we were from and we said British Columbia.  She laughed and said they had run into no one but Canadians and mostly from B.C.  on their travels.  Turns out they own the sail boat in the harbor and are on an extended journey.  I think they are from the Pacific Northwest in the USA and they are heading to Puerto Vallarta, the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia and then on to New Zealand before sailing back.  Eric asked what the boat was and it’s a 37’ Tayana.  When Eric still held hope of owning a sail boat one day that was a a boat on his short list  except for the teak decks.  The teak decks on this boat have been removed.  I remarked there was only so much time in a life for maintenance on an RV or a sail boat.  The guy hung his head and looked tired just thinking about it! 


 P1020268 P1020270

We ordered a cold Pacifico each with lunch.  This huge burrito was filled with salad, rice and fish in a really good thin Tortilla shell and it was delicious!  Neither one of us could eat both halves and had to bring it home with us.  200 pesos including beer and a tip.  A good deal for a good lunch.


As we rode back out to the highway I tried to get a picture of the body of water on the north side of the road.  It is an inland lake and appears to be quite large. 


We drove past many mango orchards in full flower as we headed back to the highway for the ride south back to Lo de Marcos. 

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