Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ready to hit the road for Los de Marcos tomorrow.

Saturday January 28, 2011

Thursday, Friday and Saturday have been spent packing up the rig, loading Big Red doing laundry etc. etc.  We have picked up supplies at Soriana’s so we don’t have to dash into Walmart close to Puerto Vallarta right when we get south.  Fruits & veggies, bread, fish and small grocery stores are all available in Los de Marcos so no problemo!   We will leave here at 8:00am tomorrow and should be in Los de Marcos mid afternoon. 

Eric spent Thursday on the net searching out a new front tire for Big Red.  There was one in Guadalajara but they wanted $281.00 for it, plus shipping…..ouch!  The Harley shop in Scottsdale wanted $226.00 and it wouldn’t be practical (too expensive to ship to Mexico.)  In the end he found a proper Dunlop tire from Rocky Mountain ATV in Utah for $143.00 with free shipping to Yuma.  A great deal.  It will be shipped to Bill & Arlie (son in laws parents) in Yuma and George and Sharen from Oregon will pick it up on their way south.  Super!   Eric will have it installed here in Mazatlan when we return here at the beginning of March.  Eric just loves it when a plan all comes together.  Hope it all works out as planned.

Today we had a late walk on the beach today and it was quite lovely.  It is a wonderful beach for walking.  I have been meaning to take some pictures of the sandstone formations that appear at the edge of the shore.  Here they are.

P1020192 P1020195   P1020197 P1020193



Another beautiful day at the beach.  Tomorrow…..a new beach!

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Safe travels. Wishing you all well.