Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A first try at Bunko and Connie’s Feliz Compleanos!

Tuesday January 3, 2012

The day started off really hot today.  It hasn’t been this warm since we arrived and we aren’t complaining.  There was no Bocce today but the ladies were all playing their once a month Bunko dice game and a few of us who had never played joined in.  It was kind of kooky fun with absolutely no skill involved!  The bell is rung, you roll dice to try and get as many of the numbers ……blah…..blah…..blah….etc. !!  You get the idea….Google it if you want to know more…but…I suspect you don’t!   In any case there is a prize for the person who gets the most Bunkos and I got six, which is apparently not usually done!  Beginners luck and I got my 50 peso entry back and another 200 pesos…..I’m rich!  It was fun but I wouldn’t want to play it every week. 

While I played Bunko Eric headed off to the beach for a swim.  The day was really hot, the wind had stopped so the water was really flat except for a nice swell which was good for body surfing.  While he was in the water the Mexicans in the water with him were waving and pointing as there were four dolphins swimming just 30 feet away.  It was unusual to see them in this close as they were just outside the break swimming parallel to the beach.  A missed opportunity for this cub reporter to get a photo op.  However, the water was still really cold and Eric couldn’t stay in very long.  We will have to get him a wet suit. 

Later in the day we had a small happy hour and appetizer party for Connie.  It was a “big” birthday but we aren’t going to say which.  At this point we all don’t even want to remember how many birthdays we’ve had! 

George and Sharen got Connie flowers and aren’t they beautiful.  Connie and the flowers!


We all had some tasty appetizers and a nice piece of excellent birthday cake. 

Happy Birthday Connie!!

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