Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A beautiful day on the beach.

Tuesday December 13, 2011

The weather yesterday was absolutely perfect.  Eric and I haven’t had any real beach time since we arrived and yesterday was the day.  A hat, a book and a chair and I was all set.  Eric actually got to go in the water and he said it wasn’t too cold.  As it got later in the day I was hot enough to go in but the tide was turning and the surf picked up and it wasn’t safe enough.  I wandered up and down the beach and got my feet wet and that was enough.  Bueno!

Today it was time to pot up the flowers that I bought at Home Depot.  I enjoy potted plants and a little beauty around our site and even if we move on someone will water the ones I put in the ground.  I’d bought a couple of Mexican pots from the travelling vendor who was in our park for a few days and they are quite nice.  Suitable for home and light enough to carry around.

After I’d trimmed up the palm that grows at the end our our patio I was surprised to discover this interesting fellow.  He had hung on that leaf while I trimmed and cleaned up the palm and I hadn’t seen him at all!  Genaro  (Henaro) one of the workers here told me it was called a (I forget what he called it!) or Mexican leaf bug and that it was “no malo” not bad and it only ate “una poco” of the leaves, so no problem. 



Felipe the park owner has been trying to improve the protection of the parks borders.  He decided to remove this tree on the north side of the park (on the other side of his fence) that could be used to climb over the fence.  Martine was the unlucky worker that was chosen to chop the tree.  Hard as a rock and even a chainsaw would have  difficulty removing it. 


He managed to chop almost the whole way through but it is still in place.  A hard life for these workers. 

Following this Felipe had him digging postholes in concrete hard ground.  Martine is not a young man but he always has a smile for the park residents.  We all appreciate the hard work that they do for us. 

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